Apocalyptic aftermath: Report from earthquake-affected Ishikawa

Apocalyptic sight of burnt down morning market after the New Year's day earthquake in Wajima

Massive landslides, huge cracks in roads, collapsed buildings, aftershocks and bad weather: 72 hours after the quake in Ishikawa prefecture, our two-person Deutsche Welle team managed to get to traumatized towns Wajima and Suzu. What we saw there was nothing short of apocalyptic…

For TV reports, check out the DW website and DW East Asia Correspondent James Chater’s social media, or read my report for DW about the New Year’s Quake’s aftermath in the northwest of Japan here (and check out my instagram page for regular updates):

Please consider sharing and donating – this disaster is terribly underreported and people are in dire need of help there. This was not just “another” quake in Japan, this was a big one…

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